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In every area of the world there are magical places whose chief attraction is the vision of nature they present. Naturally occurring, designed or enhanced by man, these locations showcase the creative force within all living things in the universe which is ultimately responsible for our own existence here on earth.

Avalon is a re-creation of the natural environment that greeted the first indigenous people to settle New York State. Its five distinct natural habitats populated entirely by native flora hold the story of our past, and quite possibly, the seeds of our future.

Enjoy your visit to Avalon. If this beautiful place embodies a message, it is that life is determinedly vital. Our responsibility is to recognize its innate value, and treasure it.

What’s Happening in the Park

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Note to All Professional Photographers

We have recently had an enormous influx of professional photographers conducting photo shoots in the park. These photo shoots are increasingly infringing on the serenity and contemplative nature that we strive to provide our visitors. Effective immediately we are implementing the following rules for all photographers wishing to photograph children, families, dogs, weddings, newly engaged couples and anything else that results in a monetary exchange for photography service:

  • You MUST call the office at 631-689-0619 to get permission to photograph in the park.
  • No multiple bookings in one day.
  • Absolutely NO props of any kind or size.
  • No lighting, no sets.
  • Stay on marked trails.
  • Walkers and visitors have right of way.
  • Staff only areas are off limits.

Should you fail to comply with these rules you will be required to leave the park immediately.

Avalon Park and Preserve is a privately owned nature preserve with the mission of maintaining a beautiful natural landscape in which visitors can enjoy nature and not be subjected to commercial enterprise.

Thank you for your cooperation.

200 Harbor Road, Stony Brook, NY 11790 • 631-689-0619
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