About the Park

We are working to maintain and, where appropriate, restore the natural elements of the park and preserve. We hope you will join us in taking the long view toward protecting Avalon’s ecological communities in perpetuity. We therefore ask your cooperation in observing our policies.

Kindly keep your dog leashed, walk your bicycle through the park portion, and carry out everything you bring in with you, leaving plants and animals alone so they may live their natural lives. For the health and welfare of wildlife, we do not supplement their food supplies; we ask you to respect this practice and refrain from feeding the ducks or any other animals in the park or preserve.

Between dawn and dusk you may enjoy the gifts of nature you find here. Please keep in mind our desire to provide all visitors a safe, peaceful and harmonious atmosphere.

Avalon Park and Preserve was created by the Paul Simons Foundation with the goal of reflecting Paul’s love of nature and the outdoors. The Foundation seeks not only to protect this unique and natural habitat but also to restore and maintain its ecological heritage. It is hoped that present and future generations of visitors will find pleasure in these gardens, walks and woods.

Paul Simons grew up on Long Island and spent much of his time in the Three Village Area. He was an avid hiker, skier and bicyclist who enjoyed all types of outdoor activities.

Avalon was established to celebrate the life of Paul Simons, whose years among friends and family were prematurely interrupted, yet whose spirit and creative energy remain vibrantly alive in the natural world he cherished.

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