Frequently Asked Questions

To make everyone’s visit to Avalon as pleasant as possible we have compiled a few answers to your questions:

  • What are the park hours of operation?
    The park is open 365 days of the year from dawn until dusk. Our automated gate opens and closes accordingly depending on the season and daylight hours. If you find the main gate on Harbor Road closed it is because the park is indeed closed so please refrain from walking around it to gain entry.
  • Where is the park office located?
    200 Harbor Road, Stony Brook, NY 11790
  • Is there an entrance fee?
    No. Park entry is free of charge.
  • Are there public restrooms?
    No. There are no public restrooms in the park.
  • Is the barn open to the public?
    No. The barn is not open to the public except during park sponsored events.
  • Is the barn available for rent for private functions?
  • Where is the barn located?
    The barn is located on Shep Jones Lane between Harbor Road and Route 25A.
    Click here for directions.
  • Are dogs welcome at Avalon?
    Yes. We love to see your dogs on the trails at Avalon. We do have a strict on-leash policy which we enforce so please make sure your dog is always on leash and that you are actually holding the other end.
  • Duck feeding?
    We strictly prohibit the feeding of ducks and other waterfowl at Avalon. If you would like to read more about the detrimental effects of feeding bread to ducks and other waterfowl please check out the following link.
  • Can I have my wedding photos taken at Avalon?
    Yes. We do allow wedding photography at Avalon. Please call the office at 631-689-0619 and will send you a card that may be presented to our security staff should they approach you. Please note that we can not shut down specific areas of the park while your shoot is going on so there is the possibility that other park visitors will be passing through your shoot. We have had some unpleasant professional photographers in the past so please make sure you choose a friendly one if you wish to have your photos taken here. ALL professional photography needs permission please call 631-689-0619 during office hours.
  • Can I host a special event at Avalon?
    We do not host special events at Avalon.
  • Can I bring a large group to Avalon?
    We consider a large group to consist of 15 or more persons. We do not allow groups of more than 20. If you wish to bring a group please call the office and schedule the date you wish to come so that our staff can be made aware of your upcoming visit.
  • Are the trails handicapped accessible?
    The boardwalk is accessible for a short distance along the pond. To reach the labyrinth and upper trails you may call the office at 631-689-0619 and we will arrange to open the back gate off Rhododendron Road where you may park and then access the upper trails. The barn is accessible for park events via the ramp adjacent to the parking area.
  • Do you have maps?
    Yes. In an effort to reduce the amount of printed paper, we now offer a printable online version.
    Click here to see / download the map.
  • Do you have a guide book?
    Yes. Our plant guide book may be purchased online at anytime or at the park office between the hours of 10am – 4pm,
    Mondays thru Wednesdays.
  • Do you offer guided tours?
    Currently we are not offering guided tours of the park.
  • Can I ride my bike through the park?
    Mountain biking is allowed on the trails to the west of Shep Jones Lane. All other trails are for foot-traffic only.
    Click here to download full map and view trails.
  • Is fishing allowed in the duck pond?
    Yes but a permit is required.
    Please contact Joe Lamberti of the Ward Melville Heritage Organization for more information on permits, at 631-689-8810.
200 Harbor Road, Stony Brook, NY 11790 • 631-689-0619
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